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Plant Tracker

Cleardata plant tracker systems Plant and equipment theft is increasing at an alarming rate.  Use our plant tracking systems to protect your valuable investment and benefit from real-time alerts via email and text message.

Conventional Systems

Fitting conventional tracking systems is not always a viable option as items of plant may lie unused for extended periods and a tracking system could become non-functional as the battery is drained of power.

Cleardata Plant Tracker

Cleardata's plant tracker system has its own rechargeable battery and is reverted to a very low power mode when it is not reporting.  In this mode the tracking system can continue to monitor a piece of plant or equipment for up to two months during periods of inactivity. The battery is then automatically recharged as soon as the equipment re-commences use.

 Talk to us and discover how Cleardata's real-time internet plant tracker can help protect your plant

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