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Backup Services

online and offline data backup services from cleardataCleardata offer scalable and efficient automated backup servces which deliver peace of mind for data security and fast recovery when you need it.

Our backup services can help deliver data protection to suit all aspects of your business with support for a wide variety of operating systems and platform support for Servers, PC’s and Mac’s.

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How to backup your computer

Our backup solutions comprise both local backup devices (backupvault) and online backup services (storagecloud).  The image below shows an installation of both solutions, delivering a business continuity service.

Backupvault delivers local backup and enables LAN speed restores.  The online backup Storagecloud replicates data from your office and mobile systems to a secure data silo in our datacentre.   

Online Backup Solutions from Cleardata







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Backup features and benefits

Our backup process is fully automatic with no reliance on staff to manage it.

Our backups are disc based so there are no tapes to buy and manage.

Our solution facilitates high speed, disc to disc based restores over the LAN

Protected data is automatically replicated off-site and hosted in our secure data-centre.


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