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Lone Worker Tracking

Cleardata's lone worker tracking solutions enable you to track and monitor mobiles, PDA's and handheld PC's in real-time, delivering peace of mind for the health, safety and welfare.  Use our lone worker tracking solution to connect and protect friends, family and workers.

  • mobile phone tracking from cleardataReliable and easy to use services
  • Live route planning and tracking
  • Real time monitoring and alerts
  • Geofencing zone alarms
  • Peace of mind for health, safety and welfare of lone workers or vulnerable people
  • Ensure duty of care and compliance with lone worker legislations


Lone Worker Risk Assessment

Risk assessment will help decide the right level of supervision and alerting needed to ensure that lone workers are safe.  Lone worker precautions should take account of normal work and foreseeable emergencies such as  fire, equipment failure, illness and accidents. 

Download the HSE Guide for health and safety advice regarding the risks of working alone.


   Working Alone Guidance




Key questions for lone working situations

  • Does the workplace present a special risk to the lone worker?
  • Is there safe access and working conditions for one person?
  • Can the work and all equipment be safely handled by one person?
  • Is there a risk of abuse or violence?
  • What happens if the person becomes ill, has an accident or there is an emergency?


 Talk to us and discover how we can help protect the heath, safety and welfare of your lone workers or vulnerable people

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