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Trailer Tracker

Cleardata's trailer tracking solution works in two modes:

  1. Stationary: When disconnetced from a tractor unit, the tracking device operates using its own internal battery supply.
  2. Mobile: Connected to a tractor unit the system automatically detects fluctuations in voltage so that it uses the vehicles power source only when the engine is running.

Trailer theft protection

Relying on a vehicle based tracking system is not always a viable option as the trailer unit may lie unused for extended periods and a tracking system could become non-functional as the battery is drained of power.  Cleardata's trailer tracker acts as a theft recovery device for times when the trailer is vulnerable to theft. 

Cleardata Trailer Tracker

Cleardata's trailer tracker system has its own rechargeable battery and is reverted to a very low power mode when it is not reporting.  In this mode the tracking system can continue to monitor a trailer for up to two months during periods of inactivity. The battery is then automatically recharged as soon as the trailer is reconnected to a tractor unit. 

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