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Proof of Delivery

Cleardata proof of deliveryCleardata provides proof of delivery solutions for businesses throughout the UK.  The company offers a single hand held device featuring:

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Push e-mail/Work Allocation
  • Mobile Phone
  • Integration with back office systems

Electronic Signature Capture

Cleardata delivers real-time updates including paperless signature capture and live job status.

The system can be integrated into an existing back office software and enables companies to send and receive job information 'live' to and from the driver resource', providing an efficient work management tool.

Proof of delivery has been designed specifically to meet the needs of companies wishing to send emerging work details to field based staff. Job details can be sent in multiples or single drip feed from any back office or control centre.

Digital Signature Capture 

the benefits

  • Real time proof of delivery - resolves disputes over delivery times
  • Operational efficiencies - less proof of delivery paperwork, less duplication, time saving Instantaneous job control. Provides back office with enhance, updated knowlege.
  • Improving your business customer service levels by keeping clients informed on the status of their deliveries.
  • Reduce your communication costs. No need to phone drivers asking for status of delivery, location and proof of delivery progress information
  • Reduction in data entry, no need to enter Proof of Delivery details at the end of the day when the drivers return with their delivery notes.

 Talk to us about our Proof of Delivery solutions and discover how mobile workforce management can boost your business

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