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GPS Tracking Services

GPS Tracking Services from Cleardata

Cleardata offers affordable GPS Tracking Services for your fleet and vehicle management. Tracking your fleet can help you to significantly reduce your company overheads.

Analysis of vehicle jouneys and access to specific driver locations can help you to plan your routes more efficiently and send the closest driver to the next job. Ulitmately GPS Tracking Services can reduce fuel costs and time wasted between journeys.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System offers:-

  • Route and location planning
  • Real time vehicle tracking
  • Geofencing alarms by zone
  • Text updates and alerts
  • Access to reports from any location using a web browser

For further details about Cleardata's GPS Vehicle Tracking Services call today on 0800 046 8085 or e-mail hello@cleardata.co.uk. You can download the full brochure here. 

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