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E-mail and Phone on the Move

Cleardata offers a single hand held solution for paperless field electronic signature devicesystems and proof of delivery.

Providing electronic proof of delivery capture, integration with back office systems, e-mail and work allocation and mobile phone. Add on service available for vehicle tracking and satellite navigation.

Our paperless field systems are available throughout the UK, including Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, York, London, Leeds, Leicester, Sunderland, Durham, Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Chester, Wrexham, Deeside and Flintshire

This single hand held device offers e-mail and phone on the move for your remote workers.  A 'one device captures all' solution, allowing your team to keep in contact, manage their work and provide live updates to any back office system.

For further details on our single hand held device offering a truly paperless field solution call Cleardata on  0800 043 5724 . 


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